2hp Rnd V2 - Random voltage generator - MeMe Antenna

2hp Rnd V2 - Random voltage generator


  • $99.00

Rnd is a random voltage generator and random gate source with an internal clock. The output is a quantized random voltage between 0V and 10V. The attenuator control provides fine-tuning of the random voltage.

This allows for a musically useful range to be defined. In addition, random gates are emitted from the gate output with an associated probability control while externally clocked.

Great for modulation and chaotic rhythmic events, Rnd is a universal solution for adding unpredictability to your system.

Rnd v2. New layout, new types of random, and price reduction. We've added a smooth random voltage output, revamped the random gate generation, and increased the DAC resolution on the random outputs. 

  • Max Power Consumption: 40 mA +12V, 16 mA -12V
  • Skiff friendly

Download the Rnd manual here