Stickerbomb Monsters

Laurence King Publishing

  • $17.99

Stickerbomb Monsters

Stickerbomb Monsters features an extensive assortment of fantastic and scary monster designs. Including weird and wonderful creatures ranging from zombies and ghosts to spaghetti monsters and love bugs, the stickers are fun for everyone to play with, and to use to create their very own beastly collections.

This collectable, fully-peelable sticker book is filled with an amazing set of 250 stickers created by artists, illustrators, and graffiti writers from around the world.

  • Inexpensive, fully-peelable sticker book from the Stickerbomb team
  • Format is cute and portable
  • The second in a highly collectable new series; follow-up to Stickerbomb Letters
  • Monsters are a popular and fun subject, ideal for the Stickerbomb treatment
  • Perfect for Halloween